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Prestigious, fresh and high-quality Bagel in all flavors

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Long Island

10 Diners

 • 12 Bagels

 • Vegetable Platter / Leafy salad

 • cream cheese & Spreads Platter

 • Quiche / Tortilla Rolls Platter 




 • 12 Bagels

 • Vegetable Platter / Green-leaf Salad

 • Cream Cheese & Spreads Platter 

 • Quiche / Tortilla Rolls Platter 



20 Diners

• 24 Bagels

• 2 Vegetable Platters / Leafy salad

• Salad Platter

• Flavored cream cheese Platter

• 2 Quiche / Tortilla Rolls Platters





40 Diners

• 48 Bagels

• 2 Vegetable Platters / Leafy salad

• 2 Antipasti Platters

• 2 Salad Platters

• 2 flavored cream cheese Platters

• 2 Quiche Platters

• 2 Tortilla Rolls Platters

Upgrade Your Meal

Sweet Upgrades

Hot Upgrades

(Pasta, Quiche)


(Cheese Platter, Salmon, Etc)

Are you ready for it? Experience the flavor!

We provide the best Bagel platters for all occasions – be it a business meeting, Brit / Brita, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, Sheva Brachos, Seudot Mitzvah or if you just feel like it. 

A selection of fresh Bagles and complimentary platters filled with all good.

Kosher L’mehadrin.

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